Saturday, May 28, 2005

Babelfishing is of reserve!

They could be turned fullfilled for the work, that one that was turned has given the form on the hour of useless Babelfish to these converters already to destroy. The controls of Engrish are probably a special contact of purposer are always usables like.

They take to traverse, the end to take to traverse, I had known. Babelfishing a tree of the trowel of the beginning is a Gesamtcopout, but, I did not announce not anything to the devil to the interior beyond one week.

(This emfatiza of the substance I always this episode of "The water of verhungerte of the new people of the resistance")

/They government!
//I cannot think that it cannot find Travis in the SOLDIER
///No will include/understand this in any case...
////I appreciates the blowings of the fraction

Thursday, May 19, 2005

obligatory half-assed star wars post

Got my ticket, 10:30 Mansell AMC. In lieu of actual original writing, here are a bunch of random Star Wars links for you to peruse until I can write my sloppy love letter to the Sith.


Another Linky

Off topic music stuff

Clicky clicky

(Princess Leia???)

No clue, click anyway


Yeah, more

Old skool



I'll polish this post up eventually, but I must be off. Nanu, nanu, and all that rot...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Banninate teh Internets

By signing this nifty online petition.

Be sure to read the comments of your fellow whackjobs trolls Farkers activists.

(up to 1008 at the time of this post, let's see how high it will go!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ESPN banninated

They just made Jason Stark an 'Insider only' feature, so I say 'fuck you gently up the ass with a garden weasel' to

If you want to become a pay-only site, ESPN, that's perfectly fine with me. CBS and Fox do just as good a job as you and they don't squeeze their readers.

Update: 5/10/05 - I have not clicked on the aforementioned website (even through Fark links) since I originally posted and so far I have not had any body parts fall off due to the deep pain of my loss, I have not taken any psychoactive drugs harder than Diet Dew to numb the pain, I have not killed any orphans or nuns or orphaned nuns in a murderous rampage, and I have not missed any sports information that I might have cared about. Sorry, Bristol...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Christian Faith v. Capitalism

Guess who wins.

In semi-related news we get this shit again.