Saturday, July 02, 2005


I've been trying to compose a coherent post about this for an hour, but it just makes me too angry. Can someone please tell me why sex offender lists should not exclusively consist of people convicted of sexual offenses?

The saddest thing is the idiots who actually believe all this judicial zero-tolerance crap actually works.

OMG! There's a sex offender in our neighborhood! Quick, let's move before he pisses in the bushes or streaks as a college prank or commits simple assault that could be construed under the most ridiculous circumstances as possibly maybe perhaps a precurser to a sexual crime that wasn't actually committed! I'm so glad Little Billy is visiting an upstanding member of society who works in a prestigious field with no criminal record so he is in absolutely no danger! Here comes Little Billy now! Did you have fun with $PINNACLE_OF_THE_COMMUNITY? Yeah mom! We hung around a gymnasium, and he showed me his cockpit, and we watched movies about gladiators, and he told me all about the time he spent in a Turkish Prison! I wish we could move next door so I could hang out with him ALL THE TIME!

Listen. Not all preverts look like this, or this, or even this. Most of the time they look like this and all the guilty-until-proven-innocent-then-still-probably-guilty laws in the universe will not save Little Billy. A little goddamn common sense might, however.

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