Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The Residents' Not Available album was re-released today.

If you could get through that, here's the playlist for the entire album.

If you can get through that, then buy the fucking thing. It ain't but 12 bucks or so.

I've always been a little skeered of the Residents meself. I was introduced to them through some Primus covers, about crapped myself when I saw the Third Reich 'n Roll album cover for the first time, have discovered that a hell of a lot of my favorite bands are influenced by them, and finally broke down and bought a used copy of Animal Lovers last week. I'm worried I might be on some kind of watchlist now. The good thing about being on that kind of watchlist is if if They finally round us all up at least I'll get to hang out with some interesting people for the rest of my life.

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TJ said...

Man,I think most current Residents fans found them through Primus and even though they've influenced a shit ton of bands, I can't get with them for some reason. I like a lot of dark and creepy stuff like Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and Coil, both of which took a certain amount of, let's say effort, to really enjoy, but something about the Residents is too much even for me. Maybe it's the giant eyeballs.