Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Pads are done, Boston got a nice swift kick in the ass and the Halos need to start scoring runs.

As for all the talking heads picking the Astros, Pettite, Oswalt and Clemens are nasty, but other than Berkman and Ensberg, what's there to be afraid of in that lineup? Yeah, I don't want to see Lidge come in with a lead, but they have to get the lead first. Granted, you can throw out the 5-1 record the Braves have over the 'Stros since we haven't played them since Mother's day. Hell, back then Jorge Sosa was a long reliever and 1/4th of the playoff roster was playing in Mississippi (or NC State(!) seriously, Bobby, Devine over Davies? what are you thinking?). But then again, who would you rather have on your roster? Raul Mondesi or Jeff Francouer? Brian McCann or Eddie Perez? Dan Kolb, or hell anybody, Farnsworth, McBride, Devine, my grandmother... Sorry, Astros fans and ESPN talking heads looking for the easy story, Houston's not beating the Braves.

Game 1: Braves 3 Astros 1 Hudson pitches 7, Houston steals a run off the bullpen.
Game 2: Astros 1 Braves 0 Clemens and Lidge steal a tight one, Smoltz pitches 6 shutout innings.
Game 3: Braves 9 Astros 4 Sosa pitches well enough to win as the bats wake up against Oswalt. Druw hits a Bomb, Frenchy hits another.
Game 4: Braves 5 Astros 3 Farnsworth shuts the door as Furcal and Giles spark a 4 run inning in the 7th to take the game and the series.

oh, PS Don Waddell...


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