Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary just can't catch a break

I'm so fucking sick of campaign season I could shit and all the useless crap being flung around is the main reason. Hillary's desperation is at the top of my annoyance chart at the moment. Run a good, clean campaign or STFU. No more histrionics. If she didn't already completely jump the shark by having the testicles to compare Barack Obama to Karl Rove, this might have done it. Supposedly leaked to Drudge by a Clinton staffer is a picture of Barack in traditional Kenyan tribal garb. I thought the whole thing sounded kind of silly since Obama's dad is from Kenya in the first place. There's a critical primary in a week, so of course both campaigns are sniping over it, with Hillary simultaneously claiming she didn't do it and criticizing the Obama camp for being ashamed of it and that it's not a big deal anyway just because a guy whose middle name is HUSSEIN is wearing a TURBAN. Obama certainly couldn't look as goofy as Kerry did in the space suit or trying to catch a football or, well, just being John Kerry so really what the hell is he worried about. Ugh, I'm just ready for the silliness to be over with. Let's get someone nominated already so the real dirty tricks can commence! Even so, curiosity got the better of me and I went to Drudge to check out the photo. Here it is:

This is the first thing that came to my mind:


Good job Hillary, the drunk fratboy demographic just shifted en masse to Obama's camp.

It's not gonna be an orgy... it's a presidential campaign!

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