Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obsessive Blake's 7 Post

Back in the '80s the local PBS station showed British Sci-fi on Saturday nights. I used to watch a ton of Dr. Who but occasionally they'd show a second show like Tripods or Blake's 7. I freaking loved Blake's 7, I even started taping the episodes after a while. It went off the air though and I've never been able to find it since save for one lonely episode on VHS at Media Play for thirty=five bucks. Thanks to the magic of YouTube however, I can now see snippets of my long lost favorite show mashed up with something from one of my other favorite shows...

Of course there's also some '80s Blake/Calvin Harris goodness:

Ok, real '80s music with the Pet Shop Boys and Avon being naughty.

This is also highly amusing:

But of course, someone always has to take things too far.

I can find Region 2 DVD sets of this stuff pretty easily, but nothing I can play on my own DVD player. I guess the BBC just wants me to get it for free online instead of having me give them my money...

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