Friday, November 19, 2004

Last post for the weekend

'cuz I'm busy. Deal with it. I will leave you with the happy news that assclown Ted Rall got dropped from yet another paper for being, well, an assclown.

If for some reason there is a reader (if there is a reader at all, to be honest) whose daily feeling of worth and well being is dependant on me posting every day then you're in for a long weekend. To help pass the time, try the following exersize:

Listen to Rush's 2112 for 24 straight hours.
Then listen to Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage for 24 straight hours.
Now - without sleeping, mind you - Write a 10,000 word essay hypothesizing why, when faced with a facist totalitarian regime, Rock musicians are most concerned that the mean ol' Priest will take their Guitar away from them .

Consuming large quantities of alcohol is recommended, but not required.

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