Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I've been sick as a dog all month and I just haven't had any desire recently to spew bile all over this blog since I'm doing a great job of spewing bile all over my walls instead. ( and the carpet and the ceiling fan and the cat and the mailman etc.)

Just so I update this crap with something, here's a bunch of links I found recently that interest me but I haven't really had the time to look at yet.

House of Stairs - semi-surrealist/absurdist/dada/whatever web comic. Flaming carrot it is not, but it's quite entertaining when overdosed on cough syrup.

ZZT - three beautiful words. Rogue like game. Me likey Rogue like games. Here's some more games, roguelike or otherwise.

Harrison Bergeron - just read it. it won't take long, unless you have one of those mental handicap radios in your ear... bzzzzt

The 50 Most Loathsome people in America, 2004 edition. How Gary Bettman missed this list, I'll never know.

There's a virulent meme running about the net in the form of a video that shows a cheerleader being thrown up through a basketball goal and back down again. I won't link to the video, mainly because every other site on the web has already done so, but I will happily link to the official Cheerleader Toss Flash Game.

Bud Plant Illustrated books - no, not that bud plant....

The Beastles - Beastie Boys get mashed up with the Beatles. To be honest, dj BC's mashup of Beasties and Kraftwerk is better.

Tech Support - Welcome to my world!!!!11

The Revenge of the Sith Topps Trading Card Checklist - so much for avoiding spoilers.

Beautiful, beautiful Camper Van...

And finally, the Best Movie Review Evar. Sadly it is applicable to about 80% of all films nowadays.

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