Saturday, May 28, 2005

Babelfishing is of reserve!

They could be turned fullfilled for the work, that one that was turned has given the form on the hour of useless Babelfish to these converters already to destroy. The controls of Engrish are probably a special contact of purposer are always usables like.

They take to traverse, the end to take to traverse, I had known. Babelfishing a tree of the trowel of the beginning is a Gesamtcopout, but, I did not announce not anything to the devil to the interior beyond one week.

(This emfatiza of the substance I always this episode of "The water of verhungerte of the new people of the resistance")

/They government!
//I cannot think that it cannot find Travis in the SOLDIER
///No will include/understand this in any case...
////I appreciates the blowings of the fraction

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dayf said...

(loosely translated so I don't get flamed)

Babelfishing is fun!

Lost in Translation is one of those Babelfish translators that you can use to waste time at work. For a more personal touch, Engrish is probably a better option.

Yeah, I know. Babelfishing a post is a cop out, but I haven't posted anything in over a week so what the hell.

(This stuff always reminds me of this episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force")

/I rule you!
//I can't believe I can't find Travis in a GIS
///No one will understand this anyway
////I like slashes!