Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ESPN banninated

They just made Jason Stark an 'Insider only' feature, so I say 'fuck you gently up the ass with a garden weasel' to

If you want to become a pay-only site, ESPN, that's perfectly fine with me. CBS and Fox do just as good a job as you and they don't squeeze their readers.

Update: 5/10/05 - I have not clicked on the aforementioned website (even through Fark links) since I originally posted and so far I have not had any body parts fall off due to the deep pain of my loss, I have not taken any psychoactive drugs harder than Diet Dew to numb the pain, I have not killed any orphans or nuns or orphaned nuns in a murderous rampage, and I have not missed any sports information that I might have cared about. Sorry, Bristol...

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Josh Freeman said...

IT's been far too long since I have jumped in the fray. Pay internet sites will only work when 1) The site has something special enough that nobody else has it (TotalFark or Jennicam), 2) when the price is really good ($9.99 a year for AYCE Comics on, or when all sites in a genre are charging. Cheap bastards. The network hasn't been the same since that bloody mouse got a hold of it.