Thursday, May 19, 2005

obligatory half-assed star wars post

Got my ticket, 10:30 Mansell AMC. In lieu of actual original writing, here are a bunch of random Star Wars links for you to peruse until I can write my sloppy love letter to the Sith.


Another Linky

Off topic music stuff

Clicky clicky

(Princess Leia???)

No clue, click anyway


Yeah, more

Old skool



I'll polish this post up eventually, but I must be off. Nanu, nanu, and all that rot...

1 comment:

Josh Freeman said...

Now I am pissed off. Trust it to you to find something that would raise my hackles nearly as much as the Heresy link. Do you remember the phantom leafletter from our Harland days. This person, probably after you left, left one screed in the mens room claiming that the WWJD bracelets were from the devil because *GASP* he saw a long-haired male wearing one! These are the same people that would try to beat the SH** out of Jesus should he come back to Earth because he would be hanging out with gays and liberals. They'd probably try to make Our Lord and Savior get a haircut and complain that "why can't he find a nice Jewish girl like his father. Whot's he doing hanging around with twelve hippie men. . . must be gay. . . ."

When will the fundies learn that attacking popular culture to show that Jesus can rock the face of the latest fad du jour is NOT evangelism. It makes you look like an insufferable prat, and does NOTHING to evangelize the masses. And, quite frankly, anyone who could be convinced by that bit of fish wrapper to give their soul to Jesus will shave their head and be prancing around with a bongo drum as soon as the Hare Krishnas go door to door.

And, For the Love of the Almighty God, I wish the fundamentalists would just lighten up. Just remember, never drink Kool-Aid from fundamentalists, and Fundamentalism Can Be Cured