Sunday, January 25, 2009

Archives completed: Questionable Content

Questionable Content

Ok fine, it's a 'romance' webcomic. It's still funny as hell and I have a tooncrush on Hanners, just like every other nerd on the interwebs. I didn't even mean to go through the whole archives, it just sorta happened. It's kinda fascinating how the art evolves on that strip... I mean, it changes so much, but you really don't notice the change and it's never really "bad" art. It's just a little more minimalist at the beginning. Still, it's a good comic and I finished the archives, which is something I haven't done with a webcomic in years. At least since Fans! and Elf Life burned my ass long ago. Maybe I should buy a shirt to celebrate. I'm thinking the Giant Isopod shirt. I feel pretty.

Gonna do Overcompensating next. I've heard Wigu is better but I have yet to read an Overcompensating comic that did not make me laugh.

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