Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Didn't see this one coming

Bob Weiss got the boot in Seattle.
I was all ready to make fun of Bob Weiss in this post, but then I remembered that he's probably the best coach the Hawks had since Fratello. Lon Krueger? Terry Stotts? guuuuh.
And yes, I'm including Lenny in the group of coaches Bob is better than. You don't inflict the Dominique Wilkins curse on the franchise and get remembered fondly. ("We traded Nique? While we're in first place and have good chemistry? Well who the hell did we get? We got MANNING?!?! We traded Nique for Danny Frickin Manning??? We sent the Franchise to the goddamn Clippers??? Oh, we got a draft pick too? Well, ok. That's a little bet- WHAT?!?!?!!! Nique AND a FIRST ROUNDER for DANNY FRICKIN MANNING?!?!?!!!111ONEHUNDREDELEVENTYONE" /head asplode)
At least Bob, unlike the Hawks, has managed to land on his feet with a new career.
And I also found a new phrase to yell at Pete Babcock.
/amazing what you'll find on Google...

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