Saturday, January 07, 2006


Since it's a cheap and easy post and I need a constant reminder of why I should never gamble, here are my picks for the NFL playoffs:

Wild Card Games:

Redskins 23 Buccaneers 21

Jaguars 13 Patriots 27

Panthers 24 Giants 20

Steelers 27 Bengals 33

Divisional Games:

Redskins 13 Seahawks 30

Bengals 27 Broncos 17

Panthers 6 Bears 18

Patriots 20 Colts 23

Conference Championships:

Bears 14 Seahawks 13

Bengals 20 Colts 33

Super Bowl XL:

Bears 9 Colts 27

The sound you hear is millions of Chicago and Indy fans cursing my very name for jinxing their teams.

Falcons goin' all the way in '06 baby!!1

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