Thursday, January 12, 2006

What the hell is going on here?

Is this a Supreme Court nominee hearing or a 30's melodrama? Squabbling senators I can handle but ladies rushing from the chambers in tears is getting a tad ridiculous. At least she didn't swoon into Alito's arms or trip and twist her ankle while the skeery monster chased her out of the hearing. American culture values style over substance so I guess nominee's wives boo-hooing on cue to get the sympathy vote is par for the course.

I thankfully haven't watched any of this mess on TV, but there's plenty of blogs of every flavor tracking proceedings and detailing all the senators' rambling speeches and nominee's non-answers. Libtard moonbat demoncrat commie baby killer hippie Osama blowers can go here. Nazi neocon floor humping treasonous rights stealing inbred koolaid drinkers can go here. I'm not sure who should go here. It seems on first glance to be fairly even handed, but it's sponsored by a law firm so it's probably evil. Of course you could skip all this newfangled blogging and simply go straight to the horse's mouth.

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