Saturday, March 26, 2005

Blogging about blogs is teh lame

But I'm gonna do it anyway because it's about nifty comic blogs.

Don Simpson of Megaton Man fame gots a blog, so does Tom Tomorrow.

Quite a few webcomic artists tack a blog onto their strips, like T Campbell, Brian Clevinger, Ian McDonald, Carson Fire, and Howard Tayler (more of a running commentary than a blog, but still cool). Hell, Bob the Angry Flower comics are posted right in the blog in super bloggy goodness!

There's even some non-web dead tree type comic artists breaking in and peddling their wares by way of their blog. They look pretty damned interesting too, for example here's Plastic Farm which as far as I can tell looks kinda like Bob Burden meets David Lynch (holy shit! I am the Elephant man!). Even more intriguing is Pan-Gea as it looks very much like the bastard love child of Vaughn Bode and Sergio Argones (and I mean that as a high compliment, see for yourself).

Of course no matter how many artists put up blogs, there will always be in an infinite number of blogs about comics by plain ol' ordinary slobs like us. There's even a blog that lists updated comic blogs. But after reading all those blogs who has time time to read the comics? Screw this blogging crap, I have issues of Top 10 that need my attention...

Remember kids, this is what happens when you Google for 'David Lynch'...

you are: elephant man

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