Friday, March 18, 2005

Brackets part IV

Finally, here's the Austin regional, thanks to our good friend George. Yeah, I know I'm posting this the day after the whole shebang started, and there is very likely several wrong picks already (even the father of our country (or the dirty rotten traitor, for all you UK readers) is human and can make some mistakes occasionally) but the NCAA should have known better than to start this thing on St. Patrick's Day. Dammit, there was a whole lot of green watery approximations of beer waiting for me that wasn't gonna drink itself!

With no further ado, The Austin Regional.

1st round:
Duke over Delaware St.
Mississippi St. over Stanford
Michigan St. over Old Dominion
Syracuse over Vermont
Utah over UTEP
Oklahoma over Niagra
Cincinnati over Iowa
Kentucky over E. Kentucky

2nd Round:

Duke over Mississippi St.
Syracuse over Michigan St.
Utah over Oklahoma
Cincinnati over Kentucky

Sweet Sixteen:
Syracuse over Duke (Duke sucks)
Cincinnati over Utah

Elite Eight:
Cincinnati over Syracuse

Chicago Regional Champion - Cincinnati

Well, there we have our Final Four: Illinois, Wake Forest, NC State and Cincinnati. If you think flipping a coin to fill out your brackets is an idiotic waste of time, always remember it could be worse. (bypass AJC registration fascism using BugMeNot or check the comments for a login)

Check back some time in the not-too-distant future for the final four picks.

Finally, Mad Props to reader Josh for providing the Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead-like coin flips for this round, and to reader TRES CEE for his/her/its insightful commentary on the Chicago regional.

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