Thursday, March 17, 2005

Brackets continued

Ok, here's the Albuquerque portion of the bracket, courtesy of good ol' George.

1st round:
Montana over Washington
Pittsburgh over Pacific
George Washington over Georgia Tech
Louisville over Louisiana-Lafayette
Texas Tech over UCLA
Gonzaga over Winthrop
Creighton over West Virginia
Wake Forest over Chattanooga

2nd Round:

Pittsburgh over Montana
George Washington over Louisville
Texas Tech over Gonzaga
Wake Forest over Creighton

Sweet Sixteen:
George Washington over Pittsburgh
Wake Forest over Texas Tech

Elite Eight:
Wake Forest over George Washington

Albuquerque Regional Champion - Wake Forest

Methinks some shenanigans was going on here with George. Of course while his namesake went to the elite 8, the state named after him got bounced by a 16 seed so who am I to impugn the honor of our first president.

Up next... the Chicago regional.

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