Thursday, March 17, 2005

Brackets part five (three, sir!)

Here's the Chicago regional picks courtesy of my friend George for all you inveterate gamblers. And quit whining that I didn't post these until after the games started, even if you had taken Washington's advice you still wouldn't win your office pool.

1st round:
Illinois over Fairleigh Dickinson
Texas over Nevada
Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Alabama
Boston College over Penn
LSU over UAB
Arizona over Utah State
St. Mary's over S. Illinois
SE Louisiana over Oklahoma St.

2nd Round:

Illinois over Texas
Boston College over Wisconsin-Milwaukee
LSU over Arizona
St. Mary's over SE Louisiana

Sweet Sixteen:
Illinois over Boston College
St. Mary's over LSU

Elite Eight:
Illinois over St. Mary's

Albuquerque Regional Champion - Illinois

George takes the safe route here in the Chicago regional as Illinois plays St. Mary's on the mouse organ in the regional finals.

In completely unrelated news, I remember having one of these (Schlitz, i think) when I was a kid. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would erupt if you put mini beer can jewelry in kiddie vending machines today?

In mostly unrelated news, I found this while looking for a mouse organ link to put above. Anybody got a color laser printer and some card stock???

Up next (eventually) is the Austin region.

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